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*News From Friends

We’re excited about these works from our associates:

Who What Details
Stuart Brown Book: Mar ’09 ‘Play‘ How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul
The National Institute for Play
The National Institute for Play unlocks the human potential through play, in all stages of life, using science to discover all that play has to teach us about transforming our world.”
Pip Coburn Book: Jun ’06 The Change Function‘ Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn
Coburn Ventures
“..Coburn Ventures, an organization that puts its knowledge about “change” to work in the realm of technology, telecom, and media investing.”
Joan Halifax Roshi Book: Jul ’08 Being with Dying‘ Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion in the Presence of Death
Upaya Institute | Zen Center Joan Halifax Roshi – Abbot of Upaya
Upaya Zen Center is a residential Buddhist community located in beautiful Santa Fe, NM.
Clarke Rountree Book: Nov ’07 Judging the Supreme Court
The University of Alabama in Huntsville: Communication Arts (Department Chair)
“This volume questions the motives of Supreme Court justices in a landmark case: The Supreme Court’s intervention in the presidential election of 2000, and its subsequent decision in favor of George W. Bush, elicited immediate, heated, and widespread debate.”
Dennis Slattery Book: Oct ’08 Reimagining Education
Essay on Reviving the Soul of Learning
Pacifica Graduate Institute: Mythological Studies Program and others
Dr. Dennis Slattery has published and/or edited many works and articles
Jeff Smith Software Smule home page
Smule: About page
Jeff Smith has co-founded “Smule” and has developed two or three of the hottest applications for the iPhone. All of his work is global in scope and has the potential to link people through the most fundamental connections.
Andrew Kuper Company Leapfrog Investments
Leapfrog Investments – Microinsurance: Dr. Andrew Kuper, President and Founder
"LeapFrog Investments is the first global investment fund focused exclusively on businesses that meet the insurance and related financial needs of low-income people in developing countries."
Richard Tarnas Book: Apr ’07 Cosmos and Psyche Intimations of a New World View
Cosmos and Psyche: Winner, Book of the Year Prize – Scientific and Medical Network
"Cosmos and Psyche is an epoch-making work. It combines impeccably meticulous scholarship and extraordinary clarity of thinking and writing with deep creative vision. The evidence contained here represents the most significant challenge I have seen to the materialistic paradigm of modern science."
      —Stanislav Grof, author of Psychology of the Future
Josh Gibson Book: May ’09 How to Buy a Love of Reading Novel by Tanya Egan Gibson
Josh Gibson can now claim to know a real celebrity. His wife, Tanya Egan Gibson has written one very creative and extremely timely work. Don’t miss “How to Buy a Love of Reading”.
Carley Wells is a high-school junior at a private school in upscale Fox Glen, where families spend an undue amount of time and money outdoing each other’s party budgets. Carley is overweight by 57 pounds (according to her personal trainer), “intellectually impoverished” (according to her English teacher), and has never read a book she liked. Worried about college applications, Carley’s parents (who never read themselves) commission a book for her—a book whose author will be ensconced in their mansion and shown off at Carley’s Sweet Sixteen party—as evidence of the Wells’ “devotion” to good literature. While Carley and “The Author” collaborate on the book, Carley continues to struggle scholastically and socially—especially with her best friend, Hunter, a senior chick magnet with whom she has a deep but platonic relationship. Hunter’s own problems have led to excessive Scotch binges and a Vicodin addiction, unbeknownst to his clueless and apparently uncaring mother. Brimming with literary allusions, commentary on the rich and famous, and the necessary ingredients for a successful novel, Gibson’s ingenious debut succeeds on many levels.
      —Deborah Donovan
Mark Gerzon Book: May ’06 Leading Through Conflict: How Successful Leaders Transform Differences into Opportunities "Mark Gerzon, leadership trainer and mediator, and best-selling author, is a Distinguished Fellow at the EastWest Institute. He spearheads EWI’s Global Leadership Consortium, which harnesses talent from around the world to address threats to global peace and security."
Mark Gerzon has just finished a new manuscript, Global Citizens, to be published next year, and continues to do facilitation and collaboration work in fascinating venues.
Dominique Lasseur, Catherine Tatge Film Producers Global Village Media

Dominique Lasseur and Catherine Tatge, Emmy-award winning film producers, are in production on three documentaries through their Non-Profit media company, Global Village Media, in New York.

Their documentary on John Muir will air on PBS’s American Masters Series on Earth Day of 2011.

They are also launching a world-wide documentary film competition on the subject of democracy, working with high school students from five continents. Their commitment to this subject is remarkable – they are also working locally in Connecticut public high schools to produce film clips on the Bill of Rights.

Zaman Stanizai, Ph.D. Article How to Win Peace in Afghanistan For Half the Price of War
Zaman Stanizai is professor of Islamic Traditions at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.
Dr. Zaman Stanizai has published an article reflecting a refreshing approach to the War in Afghanistan, his native country.

Dear Friends,
I just received the word that my article titled “Silencing the Call of Democracy and Hijacking Arab Revolution: Hidden Agenda and Secret Alliances Behind the Libyan Crisis” has been published online by The article is an in-depth-analysis of the underlying causes that have culminated in what is dubbed as the Arab Spring.

To view the article, please visit this link.

Take the opportunity to share it using the Twitter, Facebook and Share buttons.

You may also want to watch my debate that aired last night on the same topic as part of the Political Science tele-course 335 at California State University, Dominguez Hills. In the interest of time you may want to fast forward to minute 1:05 of the video download for a discussion of this topic. Click on the following link to view the debate:

YouTube – POL335 Session 13 Spring 2011 For more food for thought and nourishment for the spirit visit us at:

Peace and blessings,

Christy and Barry Tonge Non-Profit Foundation Reach Potential Movement
Christy and Barry Tonge have founded the “Reach Potential Movement,” a foundation focused on bringing “Literacy, Leadership and Love” to the under-served youth in the South Bay. See post of 11/10 for more details, or view their newsletter or their blog.